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John C C Mason

Councillor & Chairman (Poyntington)



I came to Holway Farm, Sandford Orcas in 1952 and subsequently 

moved to Poyntington in 1972 and have been here ever since.


Apart from 15 years in Dundee I have always lived in a village and enjoyed the pleasures that go with them. I have been a player in the Sandford Orcas Billiard League for over 50 years. Whilst in Sandford Orcas I was secretary of the Village Hall and ran a youth club. I also helped run a youth club in Poyntington, was a parish councillor, and chaired the Village Hall Committee. I also ran a youth club in Marshfield in Wilts whilst managing a farm there, so I have made myself a general nuisance in most villages. My aim as Chairman of the Yeohead & Castleton Parish Council is to work towards peace and harmony and the general well-being of the parishes represented.


J C C Mason, 8 Washingpool, Poyntington, Sherborne, DT9 4LD

Tel: 01963 220306 - Mobile: 07966181465 - Email:


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Ruth Dimond

Councillor (Castleton)



Biography to follow ...


R Dimond, Bridleways, Oborne Road, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 3RX

Tel: 01935 814716 - Email:


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Greg Kellaway

Councillor (Oborne)



My name is Greg Kellaway and I have been farming since the 1970's. I am currently a tenant of a Dorset County Council Farm of 210 acres in Oborne. I am married with two children. I am the tenant farmers association representative on behalf of the council tenants. My interests tend to be totally on my work as a dairy farmer milking 120 Holstein Friesian cows, the farm is currently under going a diversification of a maize maze and a caravan certificated location. When time allows I like to play rugby and cricket but unfortunately my age and depreciated body does not allow me to play to my full potential. I have recently been elected to join the parish council.


G Kellaway, Crackmoor Farm, Oborne, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 5AA

Tel: 01963 251232 - Email:


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Peter Hunt

Councillor (Castleton)



I was brought up in and around Sherborne. Educated locally then attended Kingston Mauward Agricultural College. I have travelled and spent some time in America with the Ohio State University. I now run Blackmarsh Farm along with the Toy Barn, a traditional toyshop with an outdoor display area, both of which border Sherborne and are situated in Castleton. I am married and have three children at school in Sherborne. My wife, Amanda, is a solicitor with Dyne Drewit and at present I am vice chairman of the parish council.


P Hunt, The Toy Barn, Blackmarsh Farm, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 4JX

Tel: 01935 815040 - Email:


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Peter Simnett

Councillor (Poyntington)




Brockford, Poyntington, DT9 4LF

Tel: 01963 220869 - Email:


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Jason Perryman

Councillor (Oborne)



Hello, my name is Jason Perryman and Iíve lived in the local area most of my life. I moved to Oborne in 1993 with my wife Karen who is currently the secretary of the village hall. We have two children and we all enjoy being a part of the lovely village community which makes Oborne so special.


I have a small building business and agricultural experience/ qualifications. Being one of the younger Councillors I still play for Sherborne Rugby Club on a regular basis. I also play the trombone in a big band.


I hope to use my experience and skills to benefit the Parish.


J. Perryman, The White House, Oborne, Dorset DT9 4JY.

Tel: 01935 816494 - Email:


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Alan Buckland

Councillor (Goathill)




Goathill Farm, Goathill, DT9 5JD

Tel: 01963 251365 - Email:


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Rose Edwards

Parish Clerk



Rose Edwards, Townsend Cottage, Poyntington, DT9 4LF

Tel: 01963 220491 - Email:



Please contact the Parish Clerk:

Rose Edwards, Townsend Cottage, Poyntington, DT9 4LF

Tel: 01963 220491 - Email:


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