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Public rights of way

Information about Public Rights of Way in Dorset can be found on the Dorset County Council website.


Footpaths are for walkers only and the signposts show a walking person. C:\Users\Jim\Documents\Private\Footpaths\Walks web page\IMG_0005.jpg
In some cases more elaborate signs are used: C:\Users\Jim\Documents\Private\Footpaths\Walks web page\IMG_0011.jpg
The route of the path can be marked with additional signs. C:\Users\Jim\Documents\Private\Footpaths\Walks web page\PublicFootpathwaymarker_1.jpg
The Monarch's Way Long Distance Route has its own waymarks: C:\Users\Jim\Documents\Private\Footpaths\Walks web page\mw_website_logo_web_250x250.jpg
as does the MacMillan Way: C:\Users\Jim\Documents\Private\Footpaths\Walks web page\IMG_0009.jpg


Bridleways can be used by walkers, horse riders and cyclists and the signposts show a horse and rider. C:\Users\Jim\Documents\Private\Footpaths\Walks web page\IMG_0004.jpg
The route of the bridleway can be marked with additional signs. C:\Users\Jim\Documents\Private\Footpaths\Walks web page\PublicBridlewaywaymarker_2.JPG

Other Public Rights of Way:

There are a number of other types of Rights of Way. These include:

Restricted Byway – walkers, horse riders, cyclists and non-motorised vehicles can use this category. As below except with a purple arrow and the words 'restricted byway' instead of ‘public byway’.
Byway open to all traffic (BOAT) - walkers, horse riders, cyclists and vehicles can use this category.


C:\Users\Jim\Documents\Private\Footpaths\Walks web page\PublicBywayOpentoAllTrafficwaymarker_3.JPG

These other types of Right of Way are not recorded in Yeohead and Castleton at the moment.

Permissive Paths:

A permissive path is where a landowner has given special permission for the public to walk across their land. This path is signed with a green arrow 'permissive path'. The county council does not maintain these paths and they are not recorded on the definitive map. The landowner may withdraw their permission at any time.

There are no permissive paths recorded in Yeohead and Castleton at the moment.

Cycle Routes:

Cycle routes are shown by the following signs:

National routes are shown in red; Regional routes in blue

C:\Users\Jim\Documents\Private\Footpaths\Walks web page\IMG_0013.jpg


The following maps show public rights of way in Dorset.

  • The definitive map can be viewed at the Countryside Access office in Dorchester during office hours, by appointment only. Please contact the Countryside Access Team (Tel: 01305 221219; Email: at least 2 working days in advance, as they are unable to admit visitors without a prior appointment.
  • For recreational and navigational purposes the Ordnance Survey Map: Explorer 129 Yeovil & Sherborne covers the area at a scale of 1:25,000. For cycle routes the Ordnance Survey Tour 9 Travel Map covers Dorset, Somerset and East Bristol and shows National and Regional cycle routes.

These maps can be purchased from Tourist Information Centres, bookshops and stationers.

To see Public Rights of Way on the map open the bar marked “Layers” and tick the boxes under the heading “Rights of Way”.

Users of rights of way

Users of rights of way must:

  • Stay on the course of a right of way and use it only in the manner allowed by its status
  • Keep dogs under close control (on a lead if necessary), and prevent them straying from the path or use the countryside for dog toileting
  • Close gates which are found closed
  • Follow the Countryside Code



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