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Problems with Rights of Way

If there are problems with using public rights of way in Dorset these should be reported to Dorset County Council.

Problems on public rights of way can include:

-     Damage to stiles, bridges, gates

-     Blocked public rights of way:

-     fallen branches,

-     electric fences, barbed wire,

-     overgrown vegetation,

-     fields recently ploughed, crops growing

-     Livestock in fields crossed by a public right of way

-     bulls

-     aggressive/intimidating livestock

More information about potential problems is available from the Dorset Countryside Rights of Way Team.  The website also includes additional information about fly-tipping and abandoned vehicles on Public Rights of Way.

Reporting Problems

There is an online form for reporting problems on rights of way in Dorset:
The exact location of the problem can be reported by 
searching either for postcode, town/village or by British National grid 
coordinates (e.g. 400215,090165 or 365846, 101568). 

The location can also be found by using an interactive map. Having located the problem on a right of way shown on the interactive map, the problem is reported using the reporting tool. There is a link to a report form, which includes information on the details of the problem, your contact details, and, where available, details of the landowner. Please give as much detail as you can. Your report will be sent directly to the Rights of Way Department where it will be prioritised and actioned accordingly. Due to the volume of public rights of way reports the DCC receives, it is not possible to respond to every report. In order to make best use of their time, the DCC will not contact you unless they need more information, or you specifically request that they contact you.

You will need to complete a separate form for each problem / right of way.

Alternative method of Reporting Problems

If you have any problems using this form you can also report problems by contacting Dorset Direct on 01305 221000.

For emergencies, where there is a real and immediate risk of danger or where a crime has been committed; please contact the Police.

Following up on problems that have been reported online.

Each problem reported to the DCC is given an identification number in the form of a code that begins with MNT. You can retrieve information on an existing problem and track progress of your report using the MNT reference number.

Rights of Way Team

Rights of Way Team
County Hall

Tel: 01305 221219

Please contact the Parish Clerk:

Rose Edwards, Townsend Cottage, Poyntington, DT9 4LF

Tel: 01963 220491 - Email:


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