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-> 6 Mar 2008


Minutes of Meeting held at Oborne Village Hall on Thursday 6th March 2008 at 7.30 p.m.

The following were present: Councillors Mason, Buckland, Hunt, Kellaway, Perryman, Clerk Fraser, County Councillor Legg (briefly), WDDC Cllr Gould, PC P. Moore & PCSO Sue Goslin (Dorset Police) 0 members of the press, 0 members of the public.

Public Participation Session:  No matters raised

07.61 Apologies for absence: Cllr Mrs Oliver, Mrs Dimond
07.62 Declaration of interest in items on the agenda: Cllr P Hunt  (Minute 07.69.06)
07.63 The minutes of the meeting held on 3rd January 2008 were confirmed and signed by the Chairman as an accurate record.  
07.64 Matters arising:
07.64.01 Cllr Hunt  reported that the meeting with DCC officials about the planned road junction improvements for Dancing Hill, Sherborne had not yet taken place. DCC Cllr Legg is pursuing this matter.
07.64.02 Cllrs Mrs Dimond & Hunt requested council consider the dangers caused on Underdown Lane by the collapsed badger workings. Council agreed the clerk should write to DCC drawing attention to this problem and requesting urgent remedial action to make the lane safe for riders and pedestrians.
07.64.03 B3145 between Poyntington & Oborne – failure of surface dressing. DCC Cllr Legg submitted a message from the Highways Department explaining what went wrong with the original work and that repair work has been programmed for 30th June 2008.
  The meeting was adjourned for members to receive reports and ask questions of representatives of Dorset County Council , West Dorset District Council & Dorset Police

The matters raised included:  WDDC Cllr Gould reported on the proposals in the Regional Spatial Strategy Report significantly to increase the proposed house building programme for the South West, with a disproportionate demand falling on West Dorset, especially around Dorchester and to the east of Yeovil. There will be a public consultation later in the year. Also that refuse collection & recycling days, but not the service, are to change w/e 31st March.

 PC P. Moore and PCSO S. Goslin explained the new national Safer Neighbourhoods policy which will be seen as more pro-active patrolling in the villages (rather like “the old bobby on the beat”), and supporting vulnerable people in the community. Also Tinney’s Lane Youth Club are raising funds to acquire an Activities Bus for teenagers to tour the villages.

 Meeting reconvened. 

07.65 The financial report for the year 2006-07 to date was received and accepted.
07.66 Payments in accordance with budget were approved: Clerk salary: £307.43; Hire of Oborne Village Hall £15.00; Council authorised the payment to Mr S. Turner of £387.75 (including VAT) to provide new noticeboards for Oborne & Poyntington
07.67 Council decided not to support Sherborne Town Council in plan to extend the pedestrianisation hours for Cheap Street, Sherborne as it had insufficient information to form an opinion.
07.68 Council received report by clerk on the Speed Indicator Device purchased by Sherborne Town Council and available for occasional use by neighbouring parishes. Council decided to request a new speed test on A30 at Oborne and to ask if the report could indicate times when excessive speed was recorded. On issue of road safety, clerk to find ownership of small stretch of uncut hedgerow on Castleton Way and request it to be cut back for the benefit of the school children and others who walk on that road. 
07.69 Planning applications dealt with since last meeting or at this meeting:
07.69.01 Castle Gardens, CASTLETON 1/D/07/002248 Demolish section of wall and shed and erect new wall and gates. Carry out alterations to kerb & footway to form modified delivery access to castle garden centre and timber yard. Parish council recommendation:
07.69.02 Castle Garden, CASTLETON 1/D/07/002268 Listed Building Consent. Demolish section of wall and shed and erect new wall and gates Parish council recommendation: No objection
07.69.03 Manderley, OBORNE. 1/D/07/002025 Listed Building Consent. Remove garage and create parking space. Erect porch. Application withdrawn
07.69.04 Dairy Farm, OBORNE. 1/D/2008/0188 Construct silage clamp, extension to cubicle house and feed yard and extension to collecting yard building to house new milking parlour. Excavate and install concrete dirty water tank. Parish council recommendation: No objection
07.69.05 Land adjacent to Welgoer, Poyntington. Appeal against refusal of application to erect #4 low-cost dwellings. Council decided that it should take no further action.
07.69.06 Paddock, Poyntington. 1/D/08/000015. Erect triple bay swing. Parish council recommendation: No objection. 
07.70 The following reports on meetings attended were received:  
07.70.01 The Chairman reported on the DAPTC meeting, including a report on Magna Housing Association’s work and plans; WDDC are to relocate to another address in Dorchester; information on the Spatial Strategy Report; Retirement of David Webb CEO of DAPTC , and Connecting Dorset’s hopes of more village halls connecting to broadband, and parishes acquiring digital projectors for displaying planning application papers at parish council meetings. 
07.71 Council noted the list of other items of correspondence received by the clerk. 

The following items were raised for next meeting’s agenda:  No matters were raised 

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.

The next meeting of Yeohead & Castleton Parish Council is scheduled for Thursday 1st May 2008 at 7.30 p.m. at Poyntington Village Hall. This meeting will include the AGM

Please contact the Parish Clerk:

Rose Edwards, Townsend Cottage, Poyntington, DT9 4LF

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