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-> 3 Jul 2008


Yeohead & Castleton Parish Council

Minutes of Meeting held at Oborne Village Hall on Thursday 3rd July 2008 at 7.30 p.m.

The following were present: Councillors Mason, Buckland, Mrs Oliver, Kellaway, Perryman, Clerk Fraser, County Councillor Legg, WDDC Cllr Gould, 0 members of the press, 3 members of the public.

Public Participation Session:  Issues arising from the planning application for The Manor, Poyntington were raised, in particular the possible effect  on parking on the narrow roadway. DCC Cllr Legg informed the meeting of the possibility of a renewed application for landfill for a site on Townsend Farm Poyntington following extensive discussions between DCC officers and the landowner’s agents.

08.13 Apologies for absence: Mrs Dimond, Hunt, PC P Moore  &  PCSO Sue Goslin  
08.14 Declaration of interest in items on the agenda: None  
08.15 The minutes of the meeting held on 1st May 2008 were confirmed and signed by the Chairman as an accurate record.    
08.16 Matters arising: The clerk reported, in conjunction with DCC Cllr Legg, on the meeting between Cllr Legg and most of the residents of Oborne who live along the A30, and on the subsequent actions. The clerk was given the authority of the council to make further approaches to the County Council as appropriate concerning the speed issues and the possible steps to alleviate the problem. The clerk was requested to follow up his letter to DCC concerning new signing for Pub Lane in Poyntington as no action had so far been taken. (see Minute 8.10, 1st May 2008). DCC Cllr Legg agreed to chase up progress on Dancing Hill Project with regard to arranging a meeting between the Castleton parish councillors and the officers of the County Council.   
  Adjournment session: WDDC Cllr Gould advised the meeting of the imminent announcement of the planned post office closures in Dorset, with a possibility of 10 offices in West Dorset being affected.   
08.17 The financial report for the year 2008-09 to date was received and accepted.  
08.18 Payments in accordance with budget were approved: Clerk salary: £307.43; Hire of Oborne Village Hall £15.00; Mr S. Turner (repair of damaged notice board) £17.62  
08.19 The council accepted an amendment to the list of dates of scheduled meetings from 7th May 2009 to 14th May 2009.  
08.20 Following a report by Cllr Mason and the clerk of their attendance at the “Winning Ways with IT in West Dorset” conference and the meeting with John Parker, Chief Executive of DAPTC following complaints about the Connecting Dorset project, it was agreed the clerk should inform DAPTC of its willingness to participate in the scheme.  
08.21 The clerk reported on the satisfactory outcome of the negotiations with Sherborne Town Council on the redesignation of the footpath at the Terraces (“The Dog Walk”), and that STC were arranging with DCC for the redesignation to be recorded on the definitive map.   
08.22 Planning applications dealt with since last meeting or at this meeting:  
08.22.01 Land adjacent to Welgoer, Poyntington. Appeal ref APP/F1230/A/08/2065859. Appeal against refusal to erect 4 low-cost housing units. Appeal dismissed.   Parish council recommendation:
08.22.02 Badger Cottage, Poyntington. 1/D/08/001005. Erect two storey extension to form a study/family room and entrance lobby at ground level with an additional bedroom and bathroom at first floor level and a single storey extension to the existing kitchen. Parish Council recommendation: No objection . Parish council recommendation:
08.22.03 Keepers Cottage, Silverlake, Castleton. 1/D/08/000859. Erect replacement two-storey dwelling. Permission refused.  
08.22.04 Manderley, Oborne/ 1/D/08/000501/2. Demolish existing garage. Erect porch. Straighten existing garage flanking wall and reduce to 90cm in height. (Planning application and listed building consent). Planning permission approved.  
08.22.05 Sherborne Rugby Club, Castleton. 1/D/08/000095. Erect 4 10m high poles and catch netting adjacent to A352. Planning permission approved  
08.22.06 Land adjacent to Poyntington House, Poyntington. 1/E/06/002448. Erect chalet bungalow and construct new access. Notice of appeal against refusal of planning permission by WDDC.  
08.22.07 The Manor, Poyntington. 1/D/08/001058 & 111081. Erect extension & porch and create new side entrances. Carry out internal and external alterations. Parish recommendation: No objection, but add proviso that residents should ensure that all visitors and tradesmen are requested to use the on site parking rather than the public road outside the property.  
08.22.08 Townsend Farm, Poyntington. 1/D/08/001087. Erect single storey, two storey and first floor extensions. Convert workshop/store into additional accommodation. Erect double garage. Parish council recommendation: No objection   
08.23 The following reports on meetings attended were received:    
08.23.01 See above minute 08.20  
08.13 Council noted the list of other items of correspondence received by the clerk.   

The following items were raised for next meeting’s agenda:  The clerk was requested to report back on steps taken about the speeding issues on A30 in Oborne. 

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.10 p.m.


The next meeting of Yeohead & Castleton Parish Council is scheduled for Thursday 3rd July 2008 at 7.30 p.m. at Oborne Village Hall.


Please contact the Parish Clerk:

Rose Edwards, Townsend Cottage, Poyntington, DT9 4LF

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