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Over the next little while (maybe a long while!), I shall be adding bits and pieces about Oborne's history.

I have started with some of the census data available and it is shown below in PDF format for you to download and view.  If you do not have a PDF reader on your computer you can download one of the free readers shown below ... Mike Fraser

LATEST ... 1911 Census Data ... CLICK

Memories of Oborne

Contributed by Mr John Higgins together with additional information from various sources.  (Sorry about the quality of the sketch map images, this is the best possible result from faint pencil drawings).

Oborne School Logbooks

Castleton Additional Residents

It’s worth noting that the parish of Castleton that John is referring to in this work should not be confused with the parish of Castleton as we know it today. Please refer to the brief introduction to the parish of Castleton on the Parishes page of this site for a little more explanation of how the parish boundary changes in the late 19th century can give rise to this confusion.

A new very detailed work, ‘Voices that be gone’: Reconstructing the Victorian Parish of Castleton 1834-1901, by Michael Hanson, is obtainable from, among other places, the Somerset & Dorset Family History Society, PO Box 4502, Sherborne DT9 6YL. ISBN 1-905639-23-6 or 978-1-905639-23-6 and costs about £10.50

Oborne History Project

St Cuthbert's Churches

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St Cuthbert’s before the loss of the Holm Oaks – photo by Ian Crawford Smith

David Andrews Booklet - Oborne (1985)

David Andrews wrote this historical booklet in 1985 (typewriter!) and it has be converted to a PDF for those that may be interested.  If you have any comments or wish to contact David please email him at

Census Data

Population Analysis




 Oborne Names

This is part of the database I have created which attempts to record every person who has left some mark at some time in the records of Oborne. There will be errors, of course, involved with a transcription exercise of this size carried out by a single individual - if you spot anything that you know is wrong, it would be very helpful if you could let me know. Similarly there will be a number of duplicate entries - for example, your researches may be able to link a burial/death record to a particular individual whose birth and other details you know. In my research, because I am simply building a list, rather than undertaking family history research, when I am working from a burial record that gives only a date and a name, I have no way of linking that information definitely to any other person in the list with the same names. Thus the same person may be listed several times with a different piece of information in each row.

I hold all the supporting records for this database. Therefore, if you see names that interest you, do please email me and I will be very happy to let you have all the information I have collected; however, I am not prepared to build any family trees for anybody else!

Please contact the Parish Clerk:

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